søndag 23. oktober 2016

Pink and fluffy

Look look look, I've even colored! It has been such a loong time!

This card was made for a "secret friend" gift exchange
we did at a forum I've used for years and year.
We chose not to know the gender of our baby,
but the recipient of my gift is having a girl,
so it had to be pink, sparkly and fluffy. 


tirsdag 18. oktober 2016

Lacy florals

A quick update from me!
I have hardly been crafting for the past couple of years,
as I have been working full time, being a mother,
and we have had a lot of other stuff going on.
But for the next few months, perhaps I might get more time (and will) 
to scrap, as I am pregnant and having a baby in January. I am on 50% sick leave
right now, so I spend my extra free time relaxing and working on my first
childs photo album. I have a few more cards stored up to show soon,
I have even been coloring! So this might be fun, with a little return to the blog-world.
I hope a lot of my old friends are still here, and perhaps I'll make some new ones?

This card was a quick and simple one made to hang on a gift bag for my friend.